Calvary Women’s Ministry – Let’s Get R.E.A.L.


The Women’s’ Ministry of Calvary Church seeks to facilitate and nurture the importance of women’s stories. We want to see women’s relationships deepen and grow: relationships with other women, with children, with spouses, with family, and most of all, with Christ.

A woman’s story of life is important. We can strive to have a good story, a story people will talk about long after we’re gone. The Women’s’ Ministry wants to assist you in improving your life’s story; no matter where you are in your story, it can be better! There can be more! Further, we want to invite you into our story…a story that will bring you hope, joy, love, and fun!

The Women’s’ Ministry offers Bible Studies as well as activities throughout the year.

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Annual Spring Tea

Sat., May 19, 11:30 am  Ladies won’t want to miss this annual event – it’s always a relaxing afternoon of delicious...

Youth Garage Sale

Garage Sale, June 1 & 2 For all “spring cleaners” ~ as you’re clearing out and cleaning up this spring, our...

Whoa Baby!

Sun., April 29 Don’t miss this chance to express “We Are Better Together” as Pastor Phane and his wife, Farah,...

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Matthew 16:15, NIV