Hoops Church

“Teach – Disciple – Serve”

Leader – Carlos Medrano, Deymion Murph

Meeting times – 5:00 – 8:00 every Tuesday night!

Hoops Church Mission Statement: The Mission of Hoops Church is to reach the lost and give them the hope of a new life with a relationship with Jesus.

Method of accomplishing this: Teach, Disciple and Serve

1. Teach the Gospel. Understand your potential in Christ.
2. Disciple by developing relationships with Hoops Church attendees to mentor them into a positive lifestyle which emphasizes Godly living. Godly living encompasses: Spirit, Soul and Bodily health.
3. Serve God by serving others in our community and abroad.

Purpose of Hoops Church: To provide free open gym to ages 13 and up, in order to bring the lost to Christ and help them develop a meaningful and healthy lifestyle.

Long Term Goals of Hoops Church:

1. To end fatherless homes in our community.
2. To end the cycle of poverty by having each member of Hoops Church graduate from college or complete training in a particular trade.
3. To end racism in our community by encouraging meaningful activities and relationships between participants.

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