Propel Women Second Saturday of Each Month 10 am til Noon

Propel Women Second Saturday of Each Month 10 am til Noon

Celebrating Every Women’s Purpose, Passion and Potential

Our Propel Women chapter is dynamic, energetic, and innovative. We feed off the excitement and thrive on connecting with each other and new ladies each session. The Holy Spirit is with us, through our greeting, meals, games, raffles or during our quiet intimate conversations. We are a ministry, growing monthly as our hearts are changing and softening to either start a walk with Christ or renew our minds and relationship with Him through our new connections. We are women of all ages and stages, with each woman bringing a wealth of wisdom from their life’s journey and shining their light to another.

Women are being affected; their hearts and minds are being changed! We are forever touched and transformed. We share the love and experience of our time together, while planting seeds or helping to water some. The Chapter is growing and exploding, and our hearts are bursting with the love and relationships born at our chapter

JOIN us at our next session ! You will be forever transformed !

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